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Official Journal of the Human Genome Organisation

Table 1 Peripheral blood gene expression profiling in a variety of conditions

From: Peripheral blood gene expression profiling for cardiovascular disease assessment

  Target cell Results References
Autoimmune Whole blood RNA 41 gene signature differentiated Infliximab responders from non-responders. (Lequerré et al. 2006)
Whole blood RNA 28 gene signature differentiated between blood samples from arthritic and non-arthritic rats. (Shou et al. 2006)
Whole blood RNA 29 gene signature best differentiated active versus inactive SLE (Rus et al. 2004)
Inflammatory Peripheral monocytes A 53 gene signature distinguishes between patients with active multiple sclerosis and healthy controls. (Bomprezzi et al. 2003)
Peripheral monocytes A 136 gene signature distinguishes active MS patients on TNF-alpha therapy from treatment naïve patients. (Singh et al. 2007)
Whole Blood RNA 10 genes based composite score for diagnosing atopy and asthma performed better than total IgE count with sensitivity and specificity of 96% and 92%, respectively. (Brutsche et al. 2002)
Neoplasm CD27+ and CD19+ B cells; CD4+ T cells 2,984 gene signature could distinguish subtypes of diffuse large B cell lymphoma. (Alizadeh et al. 2000)
Bone marrow mononuclear cell RNA From 6817 genes tested, 50 found to be most highly correlated with AML-ALL distinction and used to develop the classification scheme. (Golub et al. 1999)
CD34+ blast cells RNA A set of 2856 genes allowed classification of AML into 16 distinct groups. (Valk et al. 2004)
Transplant CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell RNA 17 gene signature identified donor samples likely to cause GVHD with 80% accuracy. (Baron et al. 2007)
Whole Blood RNA From 22, 125 gene profiled, 91 genes were differentially expressed between rejection (grade 3A) versus controls (grade 0). (Horwitz et al. 2004)
Environmental exposure Whole blood RNA 216 gene profile differentiated oxidative damage from active oxidative damage in active and passive smokers (Lodovici et al. 2007)
Whole blood RNA 62 gene profile correlated with severity of arsenic poisoning. (Wu et al. 2003)
Whole blood RNAa 25 gene signature differentiated between irradiated and non-irradiated human blood with overall accuracy of 90% (Dressman et al. 2007)
  1. aUsed gradient centrifugation to separate leukocyte fraction