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Table 2 Peripheral blood gene expression profiling in cardiovascular diseases

From: Peripheral blood gene expression profiling for cardiovascular disease assessment


Target cell




Whole blood RNA

895 genes correlated with LDL, 687 with HDL, and 364 with total cholesterol. 188 genes correlated both with LDL and total cholesterol.

(Ma et al. 2007)

Essential hypertension

Whole blood RNA

680 genes were found differentially expressed in untreated hypertensives compared to normotensive controls. On the other hand only 7 genes were differentially expressed in treated normotensives compared to normotensive controls.

(Chon et al. 2004)

Type 2 Diabetes

Whole blood RNAa

Among the various pathways analyzed, 48 genes of JNK correlated with diabetes and glycemic control while 92 genes of OXPHOS correlated only with diabetes status irrespective of glycemic control.

(Takamura et al. 2007)

Myocardial infarction

Platelet RNA

From >18,000 probe sets, 54 probe sets showed differential expression between STEMI and stable CAD. Moreover, MRP8/14 predicts risk of future cardiovascular event.

(Healy et al. 2006)

Aortic Aneurysm

Whole blood RNA

A 41 gene signature identified between patients with aortic aneurysm and controls with 78% accuracy along with a sensitivity and specificity of 72% and 90% respectively.

(Wang et al. 2007)

Venous Thromobo-embolism

Whole blood RNA

From 24, 650 genes profiled, 106 gene signature identified (1) patients with APS vs non-APS patients with VTE. (2) Predicticted likelihood of APS in patients with VTE. (3) Predicted likelihood of VTE in patients with aPLAs but not APS.

(Potti et al. 2006)

Cardiac transplant

Whole blood RNA

From 252 genes profiled, an 11 gene test discriminated between moderate/severe rejection and quiescence.

(Deng et al. 2006)

Pulmonary hypertension

Whole blood RNAa

A 106 gene signature identified with 95–100% accuracy patient with pulmonary hypertension versus controls.

(Bull et al. 2004)

  1. aUsed gradient centrifugation to separate leukocyte fraction