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TableĀ 1 Numbers of genes in various functional classes included in this study

From: Genetic determinants of immune-response to a polysaccharide vaccine for typhoid

GO categorya Molecular function No. of genes
GO:0004871 Signal transducer activity 86
GO:0005102 Receptor binding 44
GO:0001664 G-protein-coupled receptor binding 41
GO:0003676 Nucleic acid binding 21
GO:0000166 Nucleotide binding 19
GO:0001584 Rhodopsin-like receptor activity 16
GO:0005488 Binding 12
GO:0003824 Catalytic activity 7
GO:0004857 Enzyme inhibitor activity 6
GO:0003823 Antigen binding 3
GO:0001871 Pattern binding 3
GO:0001530 Lipopolysaccharide binding 2
GO:0008009 Chemokine activity 1
GO:0001948 Glycoprotein binding 1
GO:0015457 Auxiliary transport protein activity 1
GO:0032393 MHC class I receptor activity 1
GO:0003774 Motor activity 1
GO:0032395 MHC class II receptor activity 1
GO:0001532 Interleukin-21 receptor activity 1
GO:0005125 Cytokine activity 1
GO:0000287 Magnesium ion binding 1
GO:0005048 Signal sequence binding 1
GO:0005515 Protein binding 1
GO:0001540 Beta-amyloid binding 1
GO:0005215 Transporter activity 1
GO:0003712 Transcription cofactor activity 1
Miscellaneous (GO category unavailable; information obtained from UNIPROTb database) Mediation of inflammation and angiogenesis 1
Peptide binding 1
Antimicrobial activity 3
T-cell activation 1
Defense response with MHC 1
Regulation of inflammatory responses 1
Putative immune function (Gene: HCG9; lies within MHC class I region) 1
Total 283
  1. aGO (Gene Ontology) category was obtained from gene2go file of NCBI Entrez Gene database (
  2. b(