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Fig. 1

From: Germ-line variation at a functional p53 binding site increases susceptibility to breast cancer development

Fig. 1

The results from ChIP and real-time PCR analyses, showing that the wild-type allele (G) is associated with stronger p53 binding activity than the mutant allele (T) in LCLs. a The differential enrichment of the binding site sequence at the baseline and after 5FU treatment in the cell lines carrying either only wild-type allele (G/G) (two cell lines), or mutant (T/T) allele (three cell lines), or both alleles (G/T) (three cell lines). b The enrichment of the wild-type G allele over the mutant T allele in the ChIP pull-down DNAs from the three heterozygous cell lines (G/T) after 5FU treatment for 8 and 32 h

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