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Official Journal of the Human Genome Organisation

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Box 1 Recommendations for the genetics community and biomedical journal editors from our analysis, for the reporting of genetic research in human populations

From: The use of race, ethnicity and ancestry in human genetic research

(1) Provide a comprehensive explanation of the methods used for genetic ancestry imputations, including assumptions made, algorithms and parameters used, descriptions of population samples involved, and the limitations of inferences
(2) Define and differentiate the concepts of race, ethnicity, and ancestry used in the context of the reported research
(3) When empirical methods are used to assign ancestry labels, specify ‘genetic ancestry’ or ‘inferred genetic ancestry’ is being referred to, rather than simply ‘ancestry’
(4) Provide an acknowledgment or brief discussion of social, ethical, legal, economic etc. issues raised by the reported research, if applicable
(5) Form a working group consisting of representatives from the spectrum of countries and cultures to engage the genetics community globally to:
• Highlight the importance of careful and consistent reporting on, and naming and description of, human populations in genetic research
• Address concerns and ambiguities in the implementation and reporting of genetic research in human populations
• Revise extant guidelines and explicitly generate guidelines for the uses of ancestry and genetic ancestry
• Gain broad endorsement of these guidelines/standards/requirements throughout the genetics community
(6) Ensure biomedical journals consistently enforce these standards and requirements in genetic research reporting