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Figure 3

From: A genome wide pattern of population structure and admixture in peninsular Malaysia Malays

Figure 3

Haplotype Sharing (HS) percentage of the Malays (MY), northern Malays (NMY), peninsula Malays (PMY), Chinese (CN), Indians (IN), Proto-Malays (PM) and Semang (NG). Haplotypes in population A were identified by HSA as four classes: 1) private in population A; 2) shared with population B only; 3) shared with population C only; and 4) shared with all the three populations. A) MY; B) CN; C) IN; D) NMY; E) CN; F) IN; G) PMY; H) PM and I) NG. HS proportions were obtained by sampling 76 chromosomes 100 times without replacement and calculated without considering the frequencies of distinct haplotypes.

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