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Erratum to: Mutation screening in 86 known X-linked mental retardation genes by droplet-based multiplex PCR and massive parallel sequencing

  • Hao Hu1,
  • Klaus Wrogemann1, 2,
  • Vera Kalscheuer1,
  • Andreas Tzschach1,
  • Hugues Richard1,
  • Stefan A. Haas1,
  • Corinna Menzel1,
  • Melanie Bienek1,
  • Guy Froyen3,
  • Martine Raynaud4,
  • Hans Van Bokhoven5,
  • Jamel Chelly6,
  • Hilger Ropers1 and
  • Wei Chen1, 7Email author
The HUGO JournalOfficial Journal of the Human Genome Organisation20103:9142

Published: 11 April 2010

The original article was published in The HUGO Journal 2010 3:9137

Erratum to: HUGO J DOI 10.1007/s11568-010-9137-y

We apologize for an omission in the Acknowledgements section of this article, which should have read as follows:

Acknowledgments This work was supported by a grant from the Max-Planck Innovation Funds and a grant from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, NGFNplus, grant no. PNR-01GS08161-2 (to HHR).


Authors’ Affiliations

Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics
Department of Biochemistry & Medical Genetics, University of Manitoba
Human Genome Laboratory, Centre for Human Genetics, VIB, K.U.Leuven
INSERM, U930, Centre Hospitalier Re´gional Universitaire de Tours, Service de Genetique
Department of Human Genetics, Radboud University Medical Centre
Faculte´ de Me´decine Cochin, INSERM 129-ICGM
Max-Delbru¨ck-Centrum fu¨r Molekulare Medizin, Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology


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